Werner Scholtes - IT-Beratung

The company Werner Scholtes - IT-Beratung focuses on the conception and creation of system and software architectures as well as technology and organizational consulting. In addition, support is offered in the preparation and execution of tenders, in the implementation support and in the management of system and acceptance tests as well as in software development, e.g. through coaching of developers and project managers.

A powerful, open and flexible system and software architecture is essential for the success of a traffic management system. This is why experience and great care are required when designing this architecture. Mr. Scholtes has gained practical experience in the design, implementation, testing and acceptance of system and software architectures for traffic information, traffic management and traffic control systems through many years of work as head of development at a leading system house. Using service-oriented architectures (SOA) makes systems robust and improves extensibility through flexible and efficient integration of components. The use of services based on international standards (Microservices, SOAP/WSDL, RESt, WMS/WFS) enables the creation of distributed systems with high scalability and high data throughput.

Based on these experiences, Werner Scholtes - IT-Beratung offers IT system consulting that is based on the latest technological developments, but never loses sight of the feasibility and practicality of the solutions developed.